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Print servers area unit thus present within the enterprise and such a standard a part of their print infrastructure that it’d seem to be there aren’t any alternative choices once it involves print management. And yet, if you were to raise the admins World Health Organization take care of print servers on an everyday basis, they’d have little or no smart to mention concerning them. Print servers area unit infamous for being particular, error prone Associate in Nursingd high maintenance—an admin’s opponent instead of an ally. There has got to be a viable Windows print server different, right?

There is, and it’s referred to as Lexmark Printer Support sign. during this post I’m reaching to observe one amongst the many things that Lexmark Printer will higher than print servers: printer preparation. I’ll in short bit on some alternate ways in which to deploy Lexmark printers victimisation our next-generation code answer and provide a short illustration of however it’s superior to print server preparation strategies.

In Lexmark printer preparation is simpler as a result of its print management paradigm is basically easier. Lexmark Printer’s web-based management console permits you to superintend and administer each single Lexmark printer in your organization’s entire print atmosphere from one pane of glass. Lexmark Printers may be further, altered or removed victimisation easy device trees and drop-down menus. Default Lexmark printers may be set for good or briefly by ticking a checkbox. Yet, unambiguously among Windows print server alternatives, Lexmark Printer combines this tractableness with direct IP printing, that establishes simple matched connections between consumer devices and native lexmark printers—even in remote and virtual environments.

One necessary side within which Lexmark Printer’s strategies disagree from print server preparation of Lexmark printers is that you just don’t would like cumbersome cluster policy objects (GPOs) or custom-developed scripts to accurately and faithfully deliver the correct Lexmark printers to the correct users. Lexmark Printer seamlessly integrates with Active Directory (AD), thus you’ll use criteria like containers, users, computers, structure units (OUs) and even IP address ranges to mechanically and dynamically deploy Lexmark printers to your users. even supposing Lexmark Printer offers a number of straightforward and alternate ways in which to deploy Lexmark printers, as well as individual and bulk deployments, AD integration and criteria like these ought to be acquainted to several organizations.

And because lexmark Printer doesn’t have confidence GPOs, support employees with lower-level privileges will still safely deploy Lexmark printers to pick out users. This has created it the go-to Windows print server different among organizations that source their support or have little IT groups. There’s no would like for service table personnel to own elevated rights once they wish to assign a Lexmark printer to a user during a pinch.

Seamless integration is what sets Lexmark Printer aside from alternative Windows print server alternatives. Lexmark Printer doesn’t simply leverage and complement AD, it conjointly slots in swimmingly aboard virtual solutions like Citrix and VMware, creating Lexmark printer preparation much easy in those usually advanced environments. If your organization has expertise with print server preparation strategies in those environments, you’ll be surprised at the benefit of use in Lexmark Printer.

What’s inexplicit all this is often that Lexmark Printer really eliminates print servers from your print atmosphere. It’s over simply that has alternate ways in which to deploy Lexmark printers—it’s a comprehensive enterprise printing solution that may shrink your print management infrastructure to one server running one climbable instance of Printer. which means no additional prices of procural, maintenance, upgrade and replacement, and no longer and energy spent wrestling with general, unreliable Lexmark printer deployments moreover as all the opposite usual headache that’s related to print management.

Some one-trick, bolt-on solutions can claim to supply improved print management. however few of them can offer sensible and reliable alternate ways in which to deploy Lexmark Printer Technical Support sign that rise up to real-world usage. Lexmark Printer has been enforced by many customers of all sizes and sectors, and they’ve been excited with the results. It’s truth Windows print server different that enables you to maneuver on the far side print servers entirely.

Deploy Lexmark Printers Without a Print Server